Inhumane Crimes Can’t Be Hushed Up

– Ministry of Foreign Affairs DPRK –

The world is now gobsmacked by the scandalous reports which have been revealed recently in the U.S. The reports said that dozens of “unethical medical tests” were conducted on at least 2,600 inmates without their consents at a prison near Los Angeles in the 1960s and 70s.

The dark history of “living-body tests” is well embedded in the U.S.

Typical examples include “living-body tests” on about 5,500 Guatemalans conducted by the U.S. government in 1946-1948, the experiments on about 400 Afro-American males conducted by Alabama’s public health sector in the name of “free medical care” from 1932 for the purpose of secretly studying the harmful effects of syphilis on the human body.

The recent media exposure is just the tip of an iceberg among the many systematic practices of illegal and immoral “living-body tests” carried out in the U.S. The point, however, is that all the victims are either foreigners, blacks of African descent, or prisoners that have lost their freedom.

This fact testifies to the stark reality where crimes against “inferior people” are of little account in the U.S. rampant with white supremacy and racism.

Then another bombshell came, shocking the world again. It has been revealed that the number of minors under 17 either killed or injured owing to gun-related crimes added up to over 6,000 in 2022 alone, which is more than a twofold increase since the first gathering of such statistics in 2014.

This is eloquent proof that the U.S. is an antihuman society and a prototype of immorality and depravity infested with all sorts of life-threatening violations of human rights.

The U.S. may profess itself as a “human rights defender”, but all the above-mentioned facts only show that it is all a fake.

No matter how much the U.S. advocates “human rights protection”, it cannot fool the world people forever. The recent scandalous “living body tests” have enabled them to see once again it’s the true colours of the U.S.

The U.S. owes an apology to its citizens and the international community for its inhumane crimes. It should also give them its word that it will prevent a recurrence of these crimes.

(, January 13, 2023)

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