Racial Discrimination Rampant Even in the U.S. Political Circles

– Ministry of Foreign Affairs DPRK

(April 17, 2023, mfa.gov.kp)

People would not be easily convinced if they heard racial discrimination is happening even in the political circles.

However, it actually happened.

Recently, there was a demonstration in Tennessee against the possession of firearms after six persons were killed in cold blood by blind gunshots at a primary school in Nashville, Tennessee. It was reported that three members of the General Assembly of the Democratic Party participated in it.

Tennessee General Assembly put to a vote on dismissal of their membership on the grounds that they made speeches of encouraging the demonstration and debasing the dignity of the member of the General Assembly. What is more surprising is that, after the voting, it was ruled that only two black members be dismissed from the General Assembly.

Even though they participated in the same demonstration, they had to be dismissed from the General Assembly for the mere reason that they have different color. This is the true picture of the U.S. which clamors for “equality of all” and “racial equality”.

The dismissed black members of the General Assembly protested that they only took part in the demonstration to represent the people who wish to end the proliferation of weapons in the regional society and save the children who are being killed by gun-related crimes. But their voices were mercilessly swallowed by the gargantuan tide of “racial discrimination” rampant in the U.S. political circles.

A step was reportedly taken to reinstate them in the House seats of the General Assembly in fear of public condemnation. But the bruised minds of the black people will never heal.

Lynching and use of violence on the colored race are now rearing its ugly head even in the political circles, allowing open punishment to be an established practice. The U.S. is indeed a country of racial discrimination, which has fallen on its evil day.

This proves that the so-called “human rights” advocated by the U.S. is a synonym for social inequality and contempt, and it is the root cause of all disorder and chaos.

The U.S., while turning a blind eye to its dismal human rights situation, is politicizing “human rights” to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries and create international confrontation, division and chaos. It is not only a nightmare most feared by Americans but also a nightmare to the world.

As has been shown in the incident in Tennessee General Assembly, the American “human rights” and “democracy” are, in essence, “racism” to justify their high-handedness and arbitrariness, and it is nothing but a “political tool” to suppress other countries.

The U.S. has lost any qualification to talk about human rights situation in other countries, and it would be well-advised to clear its foul name as a human rights violator.

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