Palestine Belongs to Palestinians — Enver Hoxha




What is the significance of consulting Comrade Enver Hoxha’s works? One can point out any number of redeeming qualities, but most outstanding is his sharp revolutionary spirit which pervaded everything he wrote, giving it clarity. This revolutionary spirit brought him very close to the struggle of the Palestinian people, especially after the 1967 plans to deprive them of large swathes of their lands. This closeness went further than mere duties of proletarian internationalism. Especially after meeting the Palestinian hero and martyr Abu Jihad in 1970, he took interest in every trial and tribulation of the Palestinian national liberation movement. He wrote scathingly about betrayal and intrigue, with sorrow about death and destruction, with hope about any advancement made. He wrote with joy at great actions of unity and sadness about splits which only further served to tear the Palestinian people from their soil. He wrote about their long-suffering history and about the inevitability of their victory. He wrote about the source of their oppression, the superpowers and specifically U.S. imperialism. He wrote that their immediate opponent was Israeli Zionism, but that this was a mere agent of world imperialism and not something separate, not something in itself. It can be said few foreigners paid as much attention to the Palestinian cause as Comrade Enver Hoxha, whose works are so extensive on a people so far away, a nation he had never visited yet held so dearly, as to be able to assemble a book about them. That is Palestine Belongs to Palestinians.